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Military Discharge Hearing Attorney

Dishonorable Discharge Hearing Lawyer

Former Marine and experienced military law attorney Patrick J. McLain represents servicemen and women from all branches of the armed forces in administrative separation boards and boards of inquiry.

Based in Dallas, Texas, our firm serves military personnel worldwide with focus on providing the loyalty, independent advocacy and personal commitment unmatched by any active duty lawyer at the Trial Defense Service (TDS), Naval Legal Service Office (NLSO), etc.

If your future in or out of the military is important enough that you are willing to fight for it, it is important to consult a respected civilian attorney in any Administrative Separation Board or Board of Inquiry action.

If you received a memo stating that you need to appear at a show cause hearing to defend your right to remain in the military or retire, give us a call.

Hire a Lawyer for an Administrative Separation Board of Inquiry

Our office offers comprehensive defense representation based on a thorough understanding of your rights, responsibilities and options under military law.

We will be there to stand by your side at the administrative separation board or a board of inquiry hearing regarding your potential discharge from the military for any reason, including:

  • Drug abuse
  • Pattern of misconduct
  • Commission of a serious offense
  • Homosexuality
  • Medical reasons
  • Failure of selection for promotion
  • Substandard performance of duty
  • Conduct unbecoming an officer
  • Any other violations of the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ)

Let Our Attorneys Protect Your Career at the Show Cause Hearing

Patrick J. McLain is also a respected criminal defense lawyer who can offer you sound legal advice regarding both administrative separation processing for civilian conviction as well as the civilian criminal case itself. Please visit our criminal defense website for more information.

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