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Military Computer Crimes Defense Attorney

Servicemen and women who have been charged with computer sex crimes face serious consequences. In these dire circumstances, a dedicated legal advocate is an invaluable ally. From finding weaknesses in the prosecution’s case to pinpointing the most beneficial defenses, you can trust military defense attorney Patrick J. McLain to fight for justice and your freedom.

Patrick J. McLain is a former court-martial trial judge, federal prosecutor and USMC defense lawyer. As a federal prosecutor for the Northern District of Texas, he worked in the child exploitation section. This extensive training coupled with his more than 20 years of military law experience enables him to aggressively defend you against any computer sex crime charges. Contact our Dallas law firm today at (214) 416-9100 to schedule a confidential consultation.

At Patrick J. McLain, Attorney at Law, we aggressively defend soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines against computer sex crimes, including:

  • Possession and/or distribution of child pornography
  • Internet/online solicitation of a minor
  • Illegal use of Internet chat rooms

Are you service member accused of a computer sex crime? You will likely face charges for the criminal act as well as charges for the misuse of government property. Using a government computer to access child pornography, solicit a minor or commit another computer sex crime often leads to additional penalties.

Dedicated to Providing a Skilled, Committed and Experienced Defense

When your freedom, reputation and military standing are at stake, you need an aggressive defense that finds answers to the important questions:

  • Is the evidence authentic?
  • Were you the only person with access to the computer?
  • Was the computer connected to an unsecured network?

Attorney Patrick J. McLain is dedicated to providing you with a strong and compelling defense. He attends a significant number of CLEs (continuing legal education classes) on computer crimes, evidence and other criminal defense subjects so he stays ahead of the game. His extensive military and legal experiences are invaluable when it comes to protecting your career and your future.

Protect Your Rights in a Military Computer Crime Case

You have a right to have a civilian defense attorney on your team; you have a right to see the evidence against you; you have a right to present and confront witnesses. Contact Patrick J. McLain at (214) 416-9100 to learn how he can help protect your rights and defend you against computer sex crime charges.

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