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If you are facing allegations of pay and allowance fraud that could seriously jeopardize your military career, turn to a former Marine with more than 20 years of legal experience.

Attorney Patrick J. McLain has served the legal needs of servicemen and women in the United States, the Middle East, Europe and around the world. He understands military law from all angles; as a federal prosecutor, court martial trial judge and USMC defense attorney. This extensive experience coupled with his comprehensive legal knowledge enables him to provide aggressive and committed representation to every client.

Types of Pay and Allowance Fraud

The two most common military fraud allegations are:

  • Basic allowance for housing fraud (BAH fraud): The military housing allowance is intended to cover military members’ housing or housing for their family. If the military suspects that personnel are not using their basic housing allowance for housing — such as getting free housing or pocketing the difference between their housing allowance and their housing costs — they may be charged with housing allowance fraud.
  • Travel pay and allowances fraud: When military members are assigned to a temporary job, the military provides them with money to cover their travel costs and lodging. If the military suspects that a service member claimed expenses that they did not actually incur, they can bring an allowance fraud action.

Other common pay and allowance fraud allegations include service members who fraudulently use basic subsistence pay for something other than daily living expenses, and doctors, pilots and other professionals who claim special duty pay for services that they do not perform.

We also represent members of the military facing other fraud or larceny charges, including theft of government property/contractor fraud.

Speak With an Experienced Civilian Military Defense Lawyer

Our clients are hard charges. They know what a conviction for pay and allowance fraud could mean to their military careers and future civilian life. They are willing to fight for their military careers. We are committed to honoring this fighting spirit and doing all we can to secure positive results.

Patrick J. McLain is ready to represent you before any military court or review board across the country and around the world. If you are a facing a court martial or any other military law proceeding, contact our Dallas law office today at (214) 416-9100

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