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Military Sexual Harassment Defense Attorney

Sexual Harassment and Discrimination Defense Attorney

Servicemen and women accused of sexual harassment or sexual discrimination will need aggressive representation from an experienced military law attorney.

As a former court martial trial judge, federal prosecutor and USMC defense attorney Patrick J. McLain is adept at investigating the charges and exploiting weaknesses in the case against you. He brings more than 20 years of military law experience to the defense of every client.

For serious and aggressive sexual harassment defense, call our Dallas law office at (214) 416-9100or send us an e-mail.

Sexual Harassment Defense: Courts Martial and Administrative Hearings

At our criminal defense law firm, we defend Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines in any type of sexual harassment or sexual discrimination hearing. We are readily able to represent you before any military court or review board across the country and around the world, including:

  • Courts martial: Those accused of egregious sexual harassment are subject to court martial. As a former court martial trial judge, attorney McLain is familiar with the court martial procedure and the defenses available in military sexual harassment cases.
  • Administrative hearings: Less serious sexual offense cases are handled in administrative hearings, including nonjudicial punishment proceedings (NJP), also known as Captain’s Mast (Navy and Coast Guard), Office Hours (Marines) and Article 15 (Army and Air Force).

You do have options regarding the venue (court martial or NJP) in which your case will be heard. Patrick J. McLain has successfully negotiated court martial hearings down to administrative hearings on several occasions.

Fraternization Between Seniors and Subordinates

The military often focuses their disciplinary eye on misconduct between seniors and subordinates, including teacher/student, officer/enlisted or high ranking soldier/subordinate relationships. When a senior is accused of rank misconduct — such as taking liberties with a subordinate — the military may charge him or her with sexual harassment.

We aggressively defend military members facing criminal charges or administrative sanctions for fraternization and harassment.

Protecting Your Rights, Your Reputation and Your Career

If you are accused of sexual assault — or any other sex crime — you know that you face years in prison, dishonorable/adverse discharge and other serious consequences. Do not let an unsubstantiated accusation ruin your future and jeopardize your freedom.

Military defense attorney Patrick J. McLain will use his extensive military law experience and legal training to thoroughly investigate your case and protect your rights, your reputation and your career.

Contact our law office at (214) 416-9100 to schedule a confidential consultation with an experienced military defense attorney. We represent men and women in the military facing sexual assault, sexual discrimination and other serious sex crimes charges.

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