Army General Admits to Long Term Adulterous Affair

  After an anonymous tip was made to the Pentagon’s inspector general regarding long term extramarital affairs conducted by Army Maj. Gen. David Haight, his 30-year career in the Army was brought to an abrupt end.  An investigation gave rise to allegations that Haight had maintained an 11-year adulterous affair with Jennifer Armstrong, in addition to other partners when the couple engaged in sexual liaisons […]

How TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) Can Be a Defense

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) is a medical diagnosis that you have seen in the news lately. The NFL has put new regulations in place regarding their football players and head trauma. There have been many military personnel injured overseas in battle or in explosions from rocket attacks, IEDs, or other explosives. In order to fully […]

US Marine Major Mark Thompson Vilified: Convicted for Consensual Sex

After accusations of serious crimes and getting charged with aggravated assault and rape, Marine Major Mark Thompson was acquitted. Yet Thompson was convicted on lesser charges such as “disobeying an order,” “indecent acts,” and “conduct unbecoming an officer.” He was sentenced to 60 days in jail, fined and must report to the officer retention board […]

High Ranking Military Officers Charged With Sex Crimes

Colonel and Generals, Admirals and sea going Captains commit sex crimes? This is no surprise to many who have served, and perhaps suspected by many in the public. What may not be known is how often the high ranking are treated differently than their subordinates. Here the Washington Post takes note of this endemic phenomenon: […]

The Case of Marine Major Mark Thompson: a Tragedy and a Travesty

Mark Thompson was a Marine’s Marine. Prior enlisted, his officer assignments included posting at the U.S. Naval Academy for which he, like all assigned to the “Boat School” required intense screening for character and competence. That all came crashing down when two women who were midshipmen, i.e. students, accused him of fraternization, indecent acts, and […]

Soldiers, Sailors, Coasties, Airmen, and Marines Beware: First Sergeants, Master Chiefs, PEBLOs, and Ombudsmen; They are not attorneys, though they profess to know the law

Accused of misconduct?   Under investigation?   Pending charges? Often folks who have not experienced it, will tell you, “Well, I would just tell the truth.” “Own up to it.” “You look guilty if you do not cooperate.” Or, my personal favorite, “Hiring an attorney makes you look guilty.” To quote television’s fictional attorney, Saul […]

The FBI Was in the Business of Running a Child Pornography Website

For two weeks in 2015, the Federal Bureau of Investigation was actively aiding and abetting the distribution of child pornography from a server it maintained from the end of February to the beginning of March 2015. The site was called “Playpen, and it is estimated that 215,000 persons were given access to 23,000 still images […]

Should Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl be Vilified?

This past Tuesday 12 January, U.S. Army Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl sat attentive before military judge Colonel Jeffery Nance as the latter presided over the second Article 39a, or pretrial, session in Sergeant Bergdahl’s pending general court-martial. Judge Nance reviewed the schedule to trial in August with counsel for the government and defense, and he heard […]