Incredible asset in time of need

I hired Patrick because I found myself in an unfortunate and very distressful situation in my military career. After serving 25 plus years with my community, I was shocked at how quickly my command disregarded my solid reputation and past performance and turned against me. The advice that I received from Patrick was critical to my successful navigation through this incident. I will admit that I probably would have made critical mistakes if I hadn't retained Patrick early on. His advice was spot on and guided me brilliantly throughout my ordeal. I trusted him and his team from the onset (even when we had disagreements) and it paid off. My case was ultimately dropped and no charges or punishment were implemented. I strongly believe that hiring Patrick Mclain sent a strong message to NCIS, Navy Region Legal Office and my command that I was not messing around. Choosing Patrick as my attorney was the catalyst to my success.

– Kerry