Administrative Actions

Adverse administrative actions can obliterate an otherwise successful and honorable military career and lead to involuntary separation from the service. Whether faced with an administrative separation board; a show cause hearing (Board of Inquiry); adverse evaluation, fitness report, or performance report, an Article 15 nonjudicial punishment (NJP/office hours/Mast/Article 15), a security clearance denial or revocation, or a Relief for Cause, it is important to take those actions seriously and quickly and seek legal advice. We can help you respond to any corrective action and fight for the preservation of your military career and reputation.

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Court Martial

Allegations of misconduct under the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) can result in criminal prosecution at a court-martial proceeding and significantly impact your future, your freedom, and your reputation. If you have been charged or are under investigation, it is important to seek legal counsel as early as possible to ensure that you are made aware of your rights and prepare a strong defense. As a former prosecutor, defense attorney, and trial judge in the U.S. Marine Corps, Patrick McLain has unrivaled expertise in all aspects of the court-martial process and what is required to obtain a successful outcome for you. As a graduate of Gerry Spence’s Trial Lawyers College, and leader of its alumni organization, Patrick McLain can tap into a nationwide team of attorneys and experts to assist in his fight for you.

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Appellate and Review Boards

Patrick J McLain represents current and former military members seeking to appeal unfavorable decisions at the Physical Evaluation Board (PEB), correct military and naval records (BCMR/BCNR), and upgrade characterizations of service at the Discharge Review Board. We also provide representation to all members of the Uniformed Services and employees of federal executive agencies with security clearance related issues. These actions all have time limits, so make sure you act promptly to correct your record or obtain a just result in this administrative process.

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Worldwide Military Law Firm. Put Experience on Your Side.

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Military Criminal Defense Lawyer

Worldwide Civilian Military Law Firm. Put Experience on Your Side.

When being tried in a military court, you need a civilian military lawyer. Few court martial defense attorneys have the extensive experience and comprehensive military knowledge of attorney Patrick J. McLain. He is a former JAG lawyer who served as a Judge Advocate for the US Marine Corps.

He leads our firm with the experience of over two decades of active service in the Marine Corps, as a former federal prosecutor, former USMC defense attorney, and retired court martial trial judge, with over 30 honors and awards.

Zealous Advocacy for Our Service Men & Women

We will aggressively defend your rights in courts martial, discharges, physical evaluation board (PEB) appeals, officer misconduct, article 15 hearings, and nonjudicial punishment proceedings across the country and around the world. You have a choice when it comes to military lawyers, but with so much at stake, your case deserves a solid foundation.

Patrick J. McLain, Judge Advocate and Attorney at Law, brings over 30 years of experience in military law to the table and knows how to protect your best interests.