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    "Great lawyer and better person"
    Mr. McLain helped me through the most difficult experience in my life. As a Marine Officer facing an upcoming board of inquiry for conduct issues, I was fearful of losing a career that I deeply cherished. Mr. McLain not only gave me perfect legal advice throughout the process, but also reached out many times to see how I was doing on a personal level. A great lawyer and better person, Mr. McLain helped me become successful in my board of inquiry and keep moving forward in my career. His knowledge and experience are top notch, and his military experience and personal qualities make him the best lawyer out there to defend military personnel. Would highly recommend to anyone.
    - Jonathan
    "Amazing lawyer who fights for you!"
    A tremendous lawyer in a time of need. After being accused of conduct unbecoming an officer for personal conduct while off duty, I hired Mr. McLain to help me through the process. He diligently worked behind the scenes to make sure my voice was being heard. Despite my inability to listen to his direction early on, Mr. Mclain was patient and continued to fight on my behalf. Mr. McLain helped me win at a board of inquiry with no other disciplinary action. A sincere man, who is dedicated to his clients. Would strongly recommend and is a great asset to military clients everywhere.
    - Former Client
    "Amazing strength and integrity with the combination of experience, insight, and knowledge of military law."

    I have found my lawyer Patrick McLain, to be honest, right to the point, consistently giving me realistic outcomes through the whole process of my case. He's definitely no nonsense, cut to the chase. As a client…I've never been left hanging; he makes sure all my correspondence is returned. He's got amazing strength and integrity with the combination of experience, insight, and knowledge of military law. He stands behind his words and expects the same in return. I say my blessings every day for him taking my case. With him as my attorney, I've achieved best possible outcomes.

    - Gina F.
    "I was entirely impressed with mclain’s work on my case."

    I called McLain when the military charged me with some B.S., McLain immediately jumped into action and made things happen in my favor. Don't do it alone … your military chain of command will try to make you think that your cooperation will help you, it will NOT. I was entirely impressed with McLain's work on my 

    - Chris C.
    "He is a hard worker and will fight for you the moment you choose him to be on your team!"

    My husband hired Patrick for his summary court martial and Patrick and his team were there every step of the way. They communicated everything they needed and were even there when either me or my husband had any questions. He is a hard worker and will fight for you the moment you choose him to be on your team!

    - Angela
    "I won my military case due to his diligence, knowledge and experience in military law."

    I cannot recommend Patrick highly enough. I won my military case due to his diligence, knowledge and experience in military law. Had I proceeded on my own, I would have lost, for the process was simply too complex. When working with Patrick, there was never a time when I felt left in the dark on my case, nor a time when his assessments and instructions were unclear. Should you be in any difficult circumstance, Patrick will work his tail off for you and keep you clearly informed on the status of your case. Again, I highly recommend the services of Patrick McLain.

    - Dan C.
    "Always made me feel as though I was his most important client, and was knowledgeable on all subjects."

    He completely cared, took my case personally, always made me feel as though I was his most important client, and was knowledgeable on all subjects. I give him the highest rating possible and totally recommend him to anyone who is 

    - Mike
    "Thanks to him I am now able to get on with my life."

    It took some time to make it happen, but it did just like Patrick said, he is a hard charging guy that can help you get what you deserve, Thanks to him I am now able to get on with my life.

    - Chip
    "Incredible asset in time of need"

    I hired Patrick because I found myself in an unfortunate and very distressful situation in my military career. After serving 25 plus years with my community, I was shocked at how quickly my command disregarded my solid reputation and past performance and turned against me. The advice that I received from Patrick was critical to my successful navigation through this incident. I will admit that I probably would have made critical mistakes if I hadn't retained Patrick early on. His advice was spot on and guided me brilliantly throughout my ordeal. I trusted him and his team from the onset (even when we had disagreements) and it paid off. My case was ultimately dropped and no charges or punishment were implemented. I strongly believe that hiring Patrick Mclain sent a strong message to NCIS, Navy Region Legal Office and my command that I was not messing around. Choosing Patrick as my attorney was the catalyst to my success.

    - Kerry
    "Mr. Mclain could not possibly have been more understanding, knowledgeable and professional, an ace at his job."

    Because of my foreign birth, my Air Force career seemed unjustly doomed. Mr. McLain could not possibly have been more understanding, knowledgeable and professional. He took the facts of my case, and because he knew exactly how to express exactly what needed to be expressed, my case didn't even go to DOHA. Mr. McLain really is, based on my own personal experience, a true professional, an ace at his job (aside from apparently honest and ethical human being). There wasn't a question or concern that I had, during an entire year, that wasn't competently addressed, at times long past normal business hours. I highly, highly recommend Mr. McLain and the professionals he chooses for his team.

    - K.N.
    "It quickly became clear the expertise of a “battle-tested” lawyer like Patrick would be required."
    If you are a Navy Reservist seeking a Special Cases Board (SCB) for deferment or exemption from an involuntary mobilization, you absolutely need the representation of Patrick McLain. Faced with a 10+ month mobilization overseas at a difficult personal time and unable to navigate the complicated path of deferment or exemption on my own, it quickly became clear the expertise of a “battle-tested” lawyer like Patrick would be required. His representation was critical in conveying my side of the story to the Navy Reserve and the Bureau of Personnel, the ultimate decision authority in all matters of deferment and exemption concerning involuntary mobilization. Working with Patrick and his fantastic staff in gathering evidence and drafting an SCB package, I was ultimately granted an exemption from mobilization due to personal hardship. The weeks leading up to the SCB package submission were very difficult, but Patrick and his staff routinely responded to less than professional emails and phone calls from the Navy Reserve Center demanding that I update them on the status of my forthcoming SCB package. After submitting my package to the Navy Reserve Center with appropriate documentation and evidence, a local board was convened where I could explain my case to the Reserve Center staff. Sensing a difficult situation, Patrick attended the board via telephone in my defense. Systematically countering the arguments of all the Navy Reserve Center board members who insisted I did not have a personal hardship, Patrick won me a favorable exemption recommendation from the Navy Reserve Center. I firmly believe that Patrick's representation at my board is what changed the Reserve Center's opinion of my personal situation. Following the local board, my SCB package was forwarded to the Bureau of Personnel where a final board was convened. Not hearing anything from the Bureau of Personnel for several weeks, Patrick re-engaged the Navy Reserve in asking for a status update concerning my case. That very day, a representative of the Bureau of Personnel called me to say that my exemption request was approved. An official letter granting my exemption came less than a week later. The work of Patrick and his staff was invaluable in arriving at a favorable outcome in my case. When faced with a similar situation, I strongly encourage any reservist to reach out to Patrick for assistance. Knowing the rules, both written and unwritten, Patrick will work tirelessly on your behalf.
    - Navy Reserve Special Cases Board
    "A direct, experienced and passionate lawyer who fights for his clients"

    When I hired Patrick Mclain based on a recommendation, I didn't fully understand how military justice worked. He immediately built tremendous trust with us and told me that he fights hard for his clients.

    I hired him after one phone call, without ever meeting him, while he was overseas in fact. That's how much I believed in him.

    After hiring "Team Mclain" for our son's highly publicized sexual assault case, he immediately went to work with our son. He is direct, no nonsense and passionate about fighting for his clients.

    Patrick and his team of Michael, Natalie and expert lawyers are simply THE BEST team that fully understands the complexities of military justice.

    Once "Team Mclain" went to work with our son at the Academy, he immediately dove right in and went above and beyond anything we could have ever imagined in preparing for our case.

    He fought hard at pre-trial hearings, preparing motions and bringing in his expert team of psychodrama experts that helped prepare our son for the trial.

    When this hit the mainstream media, we were terrified that our son would not get a fair trial. "United States vs." is a scary proposition.

    Patrick's no nonsense demeanor, concise communication and plan of attack was absolutely brilliant. Patrick worked with our son's Academy legal team seamlessly. I cannot say enough about his leadership and calm demeanor in such a highly publicized case.

    Most importantly, he (and his team) prepared our son more than we could have ever imagined, all while our son was trying to go to class and pass final exams.

    At trial, Patrick and his team were masterful in presenting our son's case. He got to the truth quickly and kept everyone in the fight all week long.

    I listened to his closing arguments intently. In my opinion, he uncovered the absolute truth and proved our son's innocence.

    My favorite moment of the entire process was when I hugged him after the verdict and whispered, "You not only saved our son, but you saved generations of our family. Thank you."

    Bottom line, when you hire "Team Mclain" you are getting THE BEST ATTORNEY you can ever hire, and I mean that. He fights hard and cares so deeply about the cases he takes on.

    - Micah
    "Mr. McLain aggressively handled my case, provided outstanding guidance and kept me informed. Outstanding!"

    With 18 yrs of service I was going to a show/cause hearing with the possibility of ending my career and losing my retirement. I contacted Mr. McLain, provided him the details, and he was up front and straight forward with me about my situation. After thinking it over, I hired Mr. McLain to defend me. Mr. McLain aggressively handled my case, provided outstanding guidance and kept me informed. Always available whenever I needed to talk or had questions. Mr. McLain was straightforward in what he needed and expected of me. He also ensured that I was taken care of when I had to testify as part of an Article 32 hearing for former staff members. I was retained in the Marine Corps and now I am able to continue my career. Hiring Mr. McLain was the best decision I have made and was the best money I have ever spent. Unlike many attorneys, If you hire Mr. McLain, Mr. McLain handles your case. Not another attorney that works at his office. OUTSTANDING!!! It took some time to make it happen, but it did just like Patrick said, he is a hard charging guy that can help you get what you deserve, Thanks to him I am now able to get on with my life.

    - Tim
    "There is no way I would have won my case against the U.S. Army without him representing me."

    I used Mr. McLain in January of this year. Mr. McLain and his staff did a great job of keeping me informed of my case, and always made me feel like I was there most important client. I have no reservations about recommending Mr. McLain to anyone in need of a trustworthy and 

    - Andrew W.
    "If you need someone on your side, to fight for your rights, this is the man for the job."
    I worked with Mr. McLain a few years ago. I was having a hard time deciding on a lawyer to help me get my retirement from the Air Force. I had been the victim of a sexual assault and the Air Force decided to give me a medical discharge for PTSD. I was very upset and didn't feel I should be the one having to leave the Air Force. I had no idea what kind of rights I would have. I knew I would need a knowledgeable attorney to help me. After a lot of research, I found Mr. McLain. He was very reassuring on the phone, I told him about my situation, and he knew exactly what we needed to do. He said he could help me, and I flew into San Antonio for my court date. We met briefly and talked about the case, and I felt confident that I had picked the right person for the job. The court day went smoothly, and Mr. McLain knew the questions to ask and was prepared to fight for my behalf. I think the officers there that day were even impressed by him. I was awarded my retirement and was very pleased with Mr. McLain's services. I think that although the money was a little out of my budget, it was well spent and I have no regrets! Even now, three years later, he stays in touch to see how I am doing. Mr. McLain not only is a great attorney, but he really cares for his clients and prior service members. He will do whatever he can to seek justice. If you need someone on your side, to fight for your rights, this is the man for the job. He surely is someone I will never forget, and could never thank enough!
    - Nichole P.
    "Goes above and beyond"

    I hired Patrick after my first lawyer failed to communicate and help me through my initial summary court martial. The first lawyer I hired left me in the dark and was mostly unable to communicate due to him handling other cases. Unlike my first lawyer Patrick and his team communicated to me about everything. Patrick also gave me spot on advice and went over his plan to help me get the best outcome out of my summary court martial, including getting witnesses to vouch for my work ethic which I didn't think were allowed to testify on my behalf for a summary court martial. Thanks to Patrick he helped me understand the whole process and answered any questions or doubts I had about my case. Patrick knows his stuff and has the experience to prove it.

    - Former Client
    "Your future and life are too valuable to mess around with so don’t settle for anything but the best."

    We hired Mr. McLain to represent our son who was facing a court martial and jail time while serving in the Army. After discussing the facts with my son and his family, Mr. McLain chose the best course of action to take and fought aggressively to have our son discharged with good paper. When this whole thing started we thought that nothing could be done and our son was destined for disaster. What Mr. McLain accomplished for our son is nothing short of a miracle. He was always there to answer our calls and listened to everything we had to say, he then answered all of our questions and always kept us updated every step of the way. If you are looking for a military law attorney look no further, he will aggressively fight for you and will be there when you need him. We are convinced that we hired the right man for the job and would highly recommend him to anyone. Mr. McLain explained the process and what his course of action would be and the results that he would expect after an aggressive defense and he was true to his word. Your future and life are too valuable to mess around with so don't settle for anything but the best.

    - J.L.
    "Very confident and determined person in his ability and he will get the job done. If you want to win hire Patrick."

    I was struggling with trying to receive a medical retirement from the Air Force. The AF proposal was to give me a 0% rating for a medical condition that was service related. I was told an AF lawyer would be assigned to represent me in the Formal Physical Evaluation Board. I thought this would be alright, but I found out that I wouldn't meet with the lawyer until 3 days before the scheduled board date. I decided to hire a lawyer that was in the military prior and that knew their way around the FPEB. Patrick McLain was the lawyer I chose, with 20+ years experience with military law. I knew he was the one to choose. He is a very confident and determined person in his ability and he will get the job done. He represented me well and helped me receive the percentage that I needed to get a full medical retirement. Thanks a bunch Patrick, my family and I appreciate your service. If you want to win hire Patrick.

    - Pedro S.
    "Patrick won the case and saved my retirement."

    Patrick represented me in a Physical Evaluation Board Hearing. My case was cumbersome and complicated as my physical issue had been occurring for 10 years; I had several conflicting theories from military doctors; and I was someone who had not taken recommended medications or followed doctor advice because I never wanted to admit that I was sick. Patrick won the case and saved my retirement. With conflicting and sketchy records and nervous and forgotten testimony, Patrick presented material and a summary which moved the panel. It is because of Patrick that my family now has the financial security of my retirement. I will always be in his debt. I work with lawyers daily in my career. Patrick ranks #1 of the over 20 lawyers that I have known.

    - Ericka W.
    "Very confident and displayed excellent knowledge of the law."

    Patrick is a stand up lawyer. I was facing a Sexual Assault case with 22 years of service. He understood my situation and provided me with sound advice. Patrick was very flexible and family friendly, he took time to speak. Throughout each level i.e. Art 32, Pre-trial Hearing, Motions Hearing, Patrick was very confident and displayed excellent knowledge of the law. Timing is very important with this lawyer, he expects you to complete your part and does not hold his tongue back when you're slowing things down. Provide him what he needs so he can work for you. He's no TV lawyer; he deals with the facts and ensures others around him understand that. Don't think for a minute he's gonna babysit you, he will provide you what you need. I was found not guilty to the charges that were before me and returned to duty to receive my promotion which was on hold. This lawyer may not be in your town, however he is mobile and worth the trip. Secure him fast and let his team go to work for you.

    - Sam C.
    "Handled my case with great professionalism and dedication. Top professionals."

    The start of your defense to any charges/allegations is to not talk/give a statement to anyone. I was facing a Special C-M with 15 years of active service in the AF. I called Patrick late at night and after 2 days of questioning by AF OSI. He returned my call within 15 minutes and we discussed my alleged charges. I was hesitant about hiring civilian defense b/c of my financial status. I will tell you that the small price of representation compared to a lifetime of retirement is worth it. Patrick will not make false promises and tell you that you will win. If any lawyer tells you they promise a win, you better run. Patrick requires you to be active in your defense. He will assign you task and expects you to follow through. Do not give excuses for he still has a lot of Marine flowing in his blood. He is family minded and will work diligently for you and expects the same in return. He and his family sacrifice a lot for him to represent you in your time of need. Patrick has such a wealth of knowledge with the Military Judicial system that you feel at ease when he is on the case. Patrick handled my case with great professionalism and dedication. I would recommend Patrick McLain to anyone facing serious charges that could potentially end your career. I feel that you invest so much in your career; to not fight to keep it does not make sense. Patrick and his staff of top professionals will keep you informed through the whole process. I cannot express enough how grateful I am in looking up his firm and making that call to have him represent me in my case. Hearing the “NOT GUILTY” verdict was music to my ears and was a testament to the beauty of the M-J system working like it should. Me and my family thank you Patrick and to your staff for all you did!

    - Jeremy S.
    "The best attorney that you can hire. I cannot sing enough praises."

    Patrick McLain is the best attorney that you can hire. I received mobilization orders from the Army and didn't know what I was going to do. I decided to file for an exemption but to my surprise there was almost no information to be obtained on doing so. I found Patrick and after discussing my situation with him I suddenly started to feel like I had a chance. Patrick gave me a very detailed list of things he needed from me on my part. He is a very stern man that knows what works. There is no way I could have gotten through my case without him. When I needed to talk to him he was there. I was kept well informed on my case and knew that I was not forgotten. The thing I liked the most about him is he always has a back up plan and shares with you what he plans to do if need be. I cannot sing enough praises for him and his team. If you find yourself in need of a lawyer for dealing with a military issue, you need Patrick McLain. He is the best there is, talk to him, you'll understand why.

    - Andrew H.
    "Performing miracles just seems to be something Patrick J. McLain has perfected."

    Patrick J. McLain handled my case from half a country away with expertise and precision. Patrick and his staff are always ready and willing to answer any question myself or my wife were able to conjure. I felt comfortable from day one in his care. He was able to win a victory in a case that seemed to have no silver lining. I have never worked with an attorney until Patrick and I must say that most of my concerns and prejudices about the profession melted away working with him. Aside from being an aggressive attorney, Patrick has a wonderful aura about him which I would find welcome at any time. A man in this line of work with the dedication and morals exemplified by this human being unveils a new type of representation, that of pure good will. I would recommend Patrick to any person who feels there is no way out and all odds are against them. Performing miracles just seems to be something Patrick J. McLain has perfected.

    - Steven S.
    "He is truly a professional and a dear friend."

    For the past year and half I have been through the hardest ordeal in my military career. I was facing multiple charges in a Special Court Martial. Not having any experience in legal matters I needed someone with the knowledge and experience in Military Law not only to represent me, but also to fight for my 26-year military career. Mr. Patrick McLain was that individual; someone I could trust and who guided me every step of the way. He held me accountable to study my own case and ensured I provided all facts that were necessary to ensure a favorable outcome. I must say, I truly believe that God put Mr. McLain in my path at the time when I needed solid legal representation the most. I highly recommend Mr. McLain to anyone who is facing any legal actions against them; he is truly a professional and a dear friend to my family and me. Thank you for all you have done for us.

    - Marianna
    "The best decision I ever made was to hire patrick mclain as my lawyer."

    Patrick saved my career!!! I am a Navy officer whose urinaylis results were found positive for a prescription painkiller ——-one that was not my prescribed medication. The reason for the results was found to be not due to misconduct; I am retiring under honorable conditions and will enjoy the benefits I have earned via many years of hard work and sacrifice. The BEST decision I ever made was to hire Patrick Mclain as my lawyer. After telling me to keep my mouth shut (and I am glad I did!) He immediately made contact with the local JAG officers and my chain-of-command and forced the due process to occur. In the week and a half after I was informed of the urinaylis results and prior to my contacting Patrick Mclain, I was removed from important tasking and meetings and, uninvited from a conference that had an agenda focused on my area of responsibility. After Patrick's notification of being my attorney, the more blatant exclusionary treatment stopped. I have always been a top-performer and a member of the “inner- circle;” it has been very humbling to experience how quickly one can become a pariah. Patrick was available to me at any time– I was able to call him late at night and on weekends. He knows military law and the machinations of military personnel administration thoroughly. His expert knowledge and experience helped me fight what looked like an inevitable career-ender. His absolute commitment to my case gave me the confidence to keep working and performing at the high-level I always had.

    - Former Client
    "Look no further, he is the best. The smartest decision I ever made!"

    Mr. Mclain guided me through the hardest part of my life. I had spent almost 5 years in the Marine Corps when I received false allegations of illegal drug use (positive urinalysis). I mistakenly made a statement to CID and then started hunting for lawyer afterwards. I interviewed multiple lawyers before I found Patrick and I immediately retained him after our consultation. Under his counsel I: -Denied NJP and demanded a court martial -Dealt with unlawful command influence (which I feel like is something that happens in a lot of commands for similar cases) -Built an outstanding case for retention -When the command did not pursue a court martial, we spent countless hours preparing for the administrative separation board that followed -Got retained in the USMC and will be discharged honorably next week I very highly doubt I would have achieved this outcome if not for the expertise and experience of Mr. Mclain. During the legal process you will be expected to be 100% honest and forthcoming with him and you will need to do everything he tells you to do. These two parts essential for an outcome in your favor. He will fight as hard as he can for you and will always be on your side. Hiring Mr. Mclain was the smartest decision I ever made because my career is priceless to me. He saved my GI bill (which is worth a $100,000 alone), my security clearance, and the prestige of having served honorably. If you are facing allegations, there is no one better to have on your side than Patrick Mclain. It was not only an honor to have a man of this caliber represent me, but to even know him as well. Look no further, he is the best.

    - Andrew
    "He conducted my defense brilliantly and always seemed to be 10 steps ahead of the prosecutor. I was found not guilty."

    I hired Patrick J. McLain in April 2014 after consulting with a handful of other lawyers who never had any confidence in my case. I had an extremely difficult case where the military was going all out against me. I was facing sexual assault charges, being a registered sex offender for life, confinement and a bad conduct discharge. I was blasted in the media by the military and my case made national news. It was the most terrifying experience in my life. Patrick took me under his wing and made me feel like I was a part of his own family. He got me fully engaged in my case instead of just watching it from the sidelines. Patrick is extremely knowledgeable of Military Law and a very hard working person. He conducted my defense brilliantly and always seemed to be 10 steps ahead of the prosecutor. After a four day trial I was found NOT GUILTY. I would highly recommend Mr. McLain to anyone who needs a good military defense lawyer. Patrick I can't thank you enough for the devotion and time you put into my case. Thank you!

    - Mike
    "His confidence, persistence and reliability allowed me to realize that I had made the right choice."

    It has been one year now since Mr. McLain helped rescue me from the worst experience I have ever gone through in my entire life. Furthermore, there is a reason that I remember it so well. I remember feeling like there was no hope and that no matter what I said, nobody would believe me or give me the opportunity to talk. After going through lawyer after lawyer, I finally found someone who I could believe in. It was none other than Mr. Patrick McLain whom I felt I could truly trust. His confidence, persistence and reliability allowed me to realize that I had made the right choice. He gave me the opportunity to provide insight into my own case so that he could understand me better. He cared, he was honest, and he put in the time and effort to do what it takes. The world can be cruel, and there are times in life when everyone needs help. Mr. McLain, I just want to tell you thank you, and thank you for caring. I can now continue on my military career just as I was and continue to do great things. My wife, four children & I are doing great! I consider you not only a great person both personally and professionally, but also a friend. From myself and my family, Thank you!

    - Brian
    "Passionate about his work and devoted to doing the best job."

    I recently hired Mr. McLain back in June of 2013. I was facing a General Court Martial for allegations of Rape and Sexual Assault as well as unlawful force. This could have placed me not only behind bars for life, but worst of all I would have lost my loving family to include my wife and three children as well as my career and a registered sex offender for the rest of my life. When I met Mr. McLain, he reviewed my case and assured me that it was a winnable case. He did not hesitate for one second to get to the bottom of the truth! I often wondered if he ever slept because he was always available and working diligently on my case. Not only was Mr. McLain determined to help me and my family, he was passionate about his work and devoted to doing the best job that he possibly could with his Team. After a four day trial, I was acquitted of all charges. Lastly, not only is Mr. McLain the best Lawyer that I have ever met, he is also a caring person who truly cares about the people he works with and around. Once again Sir, Thank you for everything not only from me, but from my family.

    - Former Client
    "Mr. McLain not only saw me through the roughest time of my life but he saved my career."

    I was a Command Sergeant Major with 28 years in the Army facing 68 years in prison under General Court Martial for fraud and various other trumped up charges. Mr. McLain put me to work right away helping to prepare my own defense. His skill and diligence was apparent from the very beginning. His staff is skilled and very organized and reliable. He took the fight to the Commanding General and not only got my case converted to a General Level Article -15 but I was eventually exonerated from All charges. Mr. McLain not only saw me through the roughest time of my life but he saved my career. He opened my eyes to how the Judicial system works in the Military and he made me feel like I was an important part of my own defense. You can't go wrong with putting Mr. McLain on your team.

    - Will
    "He assured me that he would take care of me and prove my innocence, and that he did."

    Mr. McLain took on my case in its infancy over two years ago. As the case grew, it was also pushed back several times. The best way to describe the case could be the biblical account of David and Goliath. Mr. McLain not only took on my case, but he internalized it and gave it his whole heart. At times, he felt not only like my lawyer, but like a father figure. He assured me that he would take care of me and prove my innocence, and that he did. I am so grateful to him and his staff for their professionalism, kindness, and dedication. Many times throughout this legal battle, Mr. McLain made me feel like I was his only client…that is just how much dedication and attention he devotes to his clientele. Because of this man and his staff, I am able to continue my military career. BOTTOM LINE: Mr. McLain is not only a great lawyer and friend, but also a true blessing.

    - Former Client
    "Professional and extremely ethical, outstanding lawyer. Choose him and you can’t go wrong!"

    Patrick did an outstanding job with my formal Physical Evaluations Board for the Air Force. He kept me on task with what was needed and is a great taskmaster. He was professional and extremely ethical, which is a great thing when it comes to a lawyer. He was successfully able to argue for a full retirement for me. I can't say enough about what an outstanding lawyer Patrick McLain is. Choose him and you can't go wrong

    - Stephen
    "A lawyer that is there for you 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Without his help I don’t know where I’d be."

    I was being held at a Special Court Martial and facing forfeiture of two-thirds basic pay per month for one year, one year confinement and a bad-conduct discharge. The charges being accused were two specifications of wrongful abuse of a controlled substance and one charge of assault. At first I was skeptical to hire a civilian lawyer because of the funds. Patrick and his law office helped me to understand that should be the least of my worries when your future is in jeopardy and you're looking for a strong fight and people who actually care. Would you rather be capable of making the money back to pay off your debts or never making enough to be successful enough to support a/your family because you were found guilty of charges be forced against you. On short notice and just weeks before being held at a Special Court Martial in the United States Air Force I contacted Patrick and his team. They jumped on board with lighting speed and helped to assure I was in good hands. My court martial was pushed back and it gave me space to breathe a little and know I was going to be taken care of. Patrick McLain's office contacted me every week to check on me and make sure I was in the loop and taken care of full circle. Leading up to my court martial and being relieved of duty for 9 months was one of the most stressful and darkest stages of my life. Going through all that Patrick and his team made sure I was given the treatment I needed to keep a steady head through the process. Nothing was sugar coated with Patrick though so if you can't take a little father son/daughter stern talk then you might as well find someone else. The stern talks to me were a huge plus! It helps you realize he isn't messing around and if he can give you a little butt ripping then what'd you think he can do in that court room! Heading into my Special Court- Martial Patrick and his law office were working hand and hand with my Area Defense Counsel out of Travis AFB. They spent late nights reviewing every piece of my case and making sure there was nothing left untouched. In the court room it showed. Patrick didn't leave anything unquestioned. Patrick was active and always on his feet to object, he never gave up. It wasn't just about the court room though. Even after a long day of fighting my case he took the time to get to know me on a personal level and understand me as a person with dinner. Patrick is a lawyer that is there for you 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Without his help I don't know where I'd be. I can't thank Patrick and his team enough for what they did for me and the time they put in to make sure I was in good hands. If I could put more than 5 stars I would!

    - Court Martial Client
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