Misuse of Insurance Proceeds of Deceased Military Members


When a Soldier, Sailor, Airman, or Marine passes away, his or her family receives death benefits, including substantial term life insurance payout. Often, insurance companies will offer to keep the insurance proceeds in an interest-bearing account for the survivors. However, certain insurance companies have been accused of not paying survivor-beneficiaries the total amount of interest accrued on the life insurance proceeds. Instead, these companies are making money off the family of the deceased service member, collecting interest for their own profit.

This scam must stop. Yet, individual plaintiffs have very little power against a large insurance company. To level the playing field, military insurance company fraud lawyer Patrick J. McLain is developing a class of plaintiffs who have been harmed by this insurance malpractice.

Patrick McLain has more than 30 years of legal experience. As a former Marine, he is a devoted advocate for military members and their families.


If you have been harmed or are the victim of military life insurance misuse, give Patrick J. McLain, Judge Advocate and Attorney at Law a call. We will help you and people like you rectify this injustice. We will work hard to get insurance companies such as Prudential Financial, Inc., to restore what they took from you.

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