“Look no further, he is the best. The smartest decision I ever made!”

Mr. Mclain guided me through the hardest part of my life. I had spent almost 5 years in the Marine Corps when I received false allegations of illegal drug use (positive urinalysis). I mistakenly made a statement to CID and then started hunting for lawyer afterwards. I interviewed multiple lawyers before I found Patrick and I immediately retained him after our consultation. Under his counsel I: -Denied NJP and demanded a court martial -Dealt with unlawful command influence (which I feel like is something that happens in a lot of commands for similar cases) -Built an outstanding case for retention -When the command did not pursue a court martial, we spent countless hours preparing for the administrative separation board that followed -Got retained in the USMC and will be discharged honorably next week I very highly doubt I would have achieved this outcome if not for the expertise and experience of Mr. Mclain. During the legal process you will be expected to be 100% honest and forthcoming with him and you will need to do everything he tells you to do. These two parts essential for an outcome in your favor. He will fight as hard as he can for you and will always be on your side. Hiring Mr. Mclain was the smartest decision I ever made because my career is priceless to me. He saved my GI bill (which is worth a $100,000 alone), my security clearance, and the prestige of having served honorably. If you are facing allegations, there is no one better to have on your side than Patrick Mclain. It was not only an honor to have a man of this caliber represent me, but to even know him as well. Look no further, he is the best.
– Andrew