Nude Marine Pictures - Who is This Culprit?

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The story of Marines (mostly male) publishing online images of other Marines nude (mostly female) begs questions. Investigation into the facts reveals that most of the photos were given up voluntarily by the subjects, and thus like these knucklehead male Marines who send so-called “dick pics”, once you send out your picture to one person, consider it sent out to the world in this Age of the Internet. Now it appears that is a long standing practice by female Marines as well, as well as by civilians seeking pictures of nude male Marines (, and the other military services.

But you, my fellow warrior, female or male, Soldier, Sailor, Airman, Marine, or Coastie, what are you to do? Besides the obvious, i.e. do NOT send nude pictures of yourself EVER to anyone, that is. If you are asked about such conduct, make no statement ever – to anyone. Save that talk for you lawyer, if you should need one, which would be whenever you first are questioned by anyone about such conduct.

It will be a challenge for military law enforcement investigators to prosecute you, if you keep your mouth shut, and the pictures were given up voluntarily, and you are not an officer, and the subject of the photo is not a minor, etc. There is much more, and that is why you need to consult legal counsel now, if you have engaged in such conduct, BEFORE you are even contacted by law enforcement. Trust a 30 year veteran of the military justice process, you think you will withstand law enforcement interrogation, and so many of my clients tell me that they did, but the evidence eventually shows that you ran your mouth – and one sentence is one sentence too much, even statements of non-culpability.

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