“Handled my case with great professionalism and dedication. Top professionals.”

The start of your defense to any charges/allegations is to not talk/give a statement to anyone. I was facing a Special C-M with 15 years of active service in the AF. I called Patrick late at night and after 2 days of questioning by AF OSI. He returned my call within 15 minutes and we discussed my alleged charges. I was hesitant about hiring civilian defense b/c of my financial status. I will tell you that the small price of representation compared to a lifetime of retirement is worth it. Patrick will not make false promises and tell you that you will win. If any lawyer tells you they promise a win, you better run. Patrick requires you to be active in your defense. He will assign you task and expects you to follow through. Do not give excuses for he still has a lot of Marine flowing in his blood. He is family minded and will work diligently for you and expects the same in return. He and his family sacrifice a lot for him to represent you in your time of need. Patrick has such a wealth of knowledge with the Military Judicial system that you feel at ease when he is on the case. Patrick handled my case with great professionalism and dedication. I would recommend Patrick McLain to anyone facing serious charges that could potentially end your career. I feel that you invest so much in your career; to not fight to keep it does not make sense. Patrick and his staff of top professionals will keep you informed through the whole process. I cannot express enough how grateful I am in looking up his firm and making that call to have him represent me in my case. Hearing the “NOT GUILTY” verdict was music to my ears and was a testament to the beauty of the M-J system working like it should. Me and my family thank you Patrick and to your staff for all you did!
– Jeremy S.