A direct, experienced and passionate lawyer who fights for his clients

When I hired Patrick Mclain based on a recommendation, I didn't fully understand how military justice worked. He immediately built tremendous trust with us and told me that he fights hard for his clients.

I hired him after one phone call, without ever meeting him, while he was overseas in fact. That's how much I believed in him.

After hiring "Team Mclain" for our son's highly publicized sexual assault case, he immediately went to work with our son. He is direct, no nonsense and passionate about fighting for his clients.

Patrick and his team of Michael, Natalie and expert lawyers are simply THE BEST team that fully understands the complexities of military justice.

Once "Team Mclain" went to work with our son at the Academy, he immediately dove right in and went above and beyond anything we could have ever imagined in preparing for our case.

He fought hard at pre-trial hearings, preparing motions and bringing in his expert team of psychodrama experts that helped prepare our son for the trial.

When this hit the mainstream media, we were terrified that our son would not get a fair trial. "United States vs." is a scary proposition.

Patrick's no nonsense demeanor, concise communication and plan of attack was absolutely brilliant. Patrick worked with our son's Academy legal team seamlessly. I cannot say enough about his leadership and calm demeanor in such a highly publicized case.

Most importantly, he (and his team) prepared our son more than we could have ever imagined, all while our son was trying to go to class and pass final exams.

At trial, Patrick and his team were masterful in presenting our son's case. He got to the truth quickly and kept everyone in the fight all week long.

I listened to his closing arguments intently. In my opinion, he uncovered the absolute truth and proved our son's innocence.

My favorite moment of the entire process was when I hugged him after the verdict and whispered, "You not only saved our son, but you saved generations of our family. Thank you."

Bottom line, when you hire "Team Mclain" you are getting THE BEST ATTORNEY you can ever hire, and I mean that. He fights hard and cares so deeply about the cases he takes on.

– Micah