Special Cases Board

If you are a Navy Reservist seeking a Special Cases Board (SCB) for deferment or exemption from an involuntary mobilization, you absolutely need the representation of Patrick McLain. Faced with a 10+ month mobilization overseas at a difficult personal time and unable to navigate the complicated path of deferment or exemption on my own, it quickly became clear the expertise of a “battle-tested” lawyer like Patrick would be required. His representation was critical in conveying my side of the story to the Navy Reserve and the Bureau of Personnel, the ultimate decision authority in all matters of deferment and exemption concerning involuntary mobilization. Working with Patrick and his fantastic staff in gathering evidence and drafting an SCB package, I was ultimately granted an exemption from mobilization due to personal hardship. The weeks leading up to the SCB package submission were very difficult, but Patrick and his staff routinely responded to less than professional emails and phone calls from the Navy Reserve Center demanding that I update them on the status of my forthcoming SCB package. After submitting my package to the Navy Reserve Center with appropriate documentation and evidence, a local board was convened where I could explain my case to the Reserve Center staff. Sensing a difficult situation, Patrick attended the board via telephone in my defense. Systematically countering the arguments of all the Navy Reserve Center board members who insisted I did not have a personal hardship, Patrick won me a favorable exemption recommendation from the Navy Reserve Center. I firmly believe that Patrick's representation at my board is what changed the Reserve Center's opinion of my personal situation. Following the local board, my SCB package was forwarded to the Bureau of Personnel where a final board was convened. Not hearing anything from the Bureau of Personnel for several weeks, Patrick re-engaged the Navy Reserve in asking for a status update concerning my case. That very day, a representative of the Bureau of Personnel called me to say that my exemption request was approved. An official letter granting my exemption came less than a week later. The work of Patrick and his staff was invaluable in arriving at a favorable outcome in my case. When faced with a similar situation, I strongly encourage any reservist to reach out to Patrick for assistance. Knowing the rules, both written and unwritten, Patrick will work tirelessly on your behalf.

– Navy Reserve Special Cases Board