“If you need someone on your side, to fight for your rights, this is the man for the job.”

I worked with Mr. McLain a few years ago. I was having a hard time deciding on a lawyer to help me get my retirement from the Air Force. I had been the victim of a sexual assault and the Air Force decided to give me a medical discharge for PTSD. I was very upset and didn't feel I should be the one having to leave the Air Force. I had no idea what kind of rights I would have. I knew I would need a knowledgeable attorney to help me. After a lot of research, I found Mr. McLain. He was very reassuring on the phone, I told him about my situation, and he knew exactly what we needed to do. He said he could help me, and I flew into San Antonio for my court date. We met briefly and talked about the case, and I felt confident that I had picked the right person for the job. The court day went smoothly, and Mr. McLain knew the questions to ask and was prepared to fight for my behalf. I think the officers there that day were even impressed by him. I was awarded my retirement and was very pleased with Mr. McLain's services. I think that although the money was a little out of my budget, it was well spent and I have no regrets! Even now, three years later, he stays in touch to see how I am doing. Mr. McLain not only is a great attorney, but he really cares for his clients and prior service members. He will do whatever he can to seek justice. If you need someone on your side, to fight for your rights, this is the man for the job. He surely is someone I will never forget, and could never thank enough!
– Nichole P.