“Very confident and displayed excellent knowledge of the law.”

Patrick is a stand up lawyer. I was facing a Sexual Assault case with 22 years of service. He understood my situation and provided me with sound advice. Patrick was very flexible and family friendly, he took time to speak. Throughout each level i.e. Art 32, Pre-trial Hearing, Motions Hearing, Patrick was very confident and displayed excellent knowledge of the law. Timing is very important with this lawyer, he expects you to complete your part and does not hold his tongue back when you're slowing things down. Provide him what he needs so he can work for you. He's no TV lawyer; he deals with the facts and ensures others around him understand that. Don't think for a minute he's gonna babysit you, he will provide you what you need. I was found not guilty to the charges that were before me and returned to duty to receive my promotion which was on hold. This lawyer may not be in your town, however he is mobile and worth the trip. Secure him fast and let his team go to work for you.
– Sam C.