“Passionate about his work and devoted to doing the best job.”

“I recently hired Mr. McLain back in June of 2013. I was facing a General Court Martial for allegations of Rape and Sexual Assault as well as unlawful force. This could have placed me not only behind bars for life, but worst of all I would have lost my loving family to include my wife and three children as well as my career and a registered sex offender for the rest of my life. When I met Mr. McLain, he reviewed my case and assured me that it was a winnable case. He did not hesitate for one second to get to the bottom of the truth! I often wondered if he ever slept because he was always available and working diligently on my case. Not only was Mr. McLain determined to help me and my family, he was passionate about his work and devoted to doing the best job that he possibly could with his Team. After a four day trial, I was acquitted of all charges. Lastly, not only is Mr. McLain the best Lawyer that I have ever met, he is also a caring person who truly cares about the people he works with and around. Once again Sir, Thank you for everything not only from me, but from my family.
– Satisfied Client