“The BEST decision I ever made was to hire Patrick Mclain as my lawyer.”

Patrick saved my career!!! I am a Navy officer whose urinaylis results were found positive for a prescription painkiller ——-one that was not my prescribed medication. The reason for the results was found to be not due to misconduct; I am retiring under honorable conditions and will enjoy the benefits I have earned via many years of hard work and sacrifice. The BEST decision I ever made was to hire Patrick Mclain as my lawyer. After telling me to keep my mouth shut (and I am glad I did!) He immediately made contact with the local JAG officers and my chain-of-command and forced the due process to occur. In the week and a half after I was informed of the urinaylis results and prior to my contacting Patrick Mclain, I was removed from important tasking and meetings and, uninvited from a conference that had an agenda focused on my area of responsibility. After Patrick's notification of being my attorney, the more blatant exclusionary treatment stopped. I have always been a top-performer and a member of the “inner- circle;” it has been very humbling to experience how quickly one can become a pariah. Patrick was available to me at any time– I was able to call him late at night and on weekends. He knows military law and the machinations of military personnel administration thoroughly. His expert knowledge and experience helped me fight what looked like an inevitable career-ender. His absolute commitment to my case gave me the confidence to keep working and performing at the high-level I always had.
– Satisfied Client